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14 Wimbledon Facts That Every Tennis Fan Should Know


14 Wimbledon Facts That Every Tennis Fan Should Know

The Wimbledon or The Championships, Wimbledon is the Most Prestigeous and the Oldest Tennis Tournament being played in the World. Wimbledon was Founded in 1877. This years Wimbledon is the 129th Edition of the Championships. In Open Era it is the 48th Edition and the Third Grand Slam Tournament after Australian Open and French Open in this Year. It is played on Grass Outdoors. Venue for the Wimbledon is The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. The total Prize money for 2015 Wimbledon is £26,750,000 (267,28,63,951.38 Indian Rupees) which is increased by 7% from 2014.

Here Presenting you some Facts about Wimbledon.


The Inagural Edition of The WImbledon took place in 1877.  Spencer Gore and W. Marshall were the last contenders for the Championship in Men’s Singles. Spencer Gore won all the 3 sets and thereby the Championship. Women’s Singles and Men’s Doubles were introduced in 1884.



World War II led for the Cancellation of Wimbledon. In 1940 Centre Court of Wimbledon was bombed during World War II and almost 1200 seats were lost. Play Finally resumed in 1946 but only in 1949 the Bombed area was fully recovered.




From the Start of Wimbledon in 1877 to 1921 the Defending Champions of Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles automatically confirmed a place in the Final and the Rest of them should battle out to Reach the Finals.



As per the Tradition Wimbledon has an off Day on the Seventh Day i.e on Wimbledon’s First Sunday there by making it the only Grand Slam Tournament to have an off Day in the Middle of the Tournament. However in 1991,1997 and 2004 rain broke this Tradition. Also Wimbledon starts on the 6th Monday before the first Monday of August.



More than 50,000+ tennis balls are used Every year in Wimbledon.

A view of WImbledon 2012 tennis ballssource


The fastest ever serve recorded at Wimbledon was 148 mph by Taylor Dent of the USA against Novak Djokovic in 2010. However he lost the Match.

148mph is equal to 238.183 kmph i.e almost equal to a Racing car.

Click Here to watch it directly on Youtube.


Wimbledon has Strict Dress Code of All White. If the Players meet any Stipulation of the Code then Umpires will decide it.

Andre Agassi 8-time Grand Slam Champion refused to take part at Wimbledon during 1988 and 1990 due to the Strict Dress codes and Called it “Stuffy” atmosphere.



Boris Becker was the youngest Male Champion and he did it with 3 more Feets.

He was the First German to win a Wimbledon.

At the age of 17 years and 227 days He become the Youngest Male to win Wimbledon.

He was the First unseeded Player to win Wimbledon.


In 1877 at the age of 15 years, 285 days Charlotte Dod is the youngest player ever to win a Wimbledon singles event. However In 1996 at 15 years, 282 days Martina Hingis became a Wimbledon doubles champion.


Only Seven Championships are not affected from Rain since 1921. So In 2009 Centre Court of the Wimbledon is tested with the Newly Built Wimbledon Roof which is heplful to continue the play even if it  rains. Wimbledon Roof takes 8-10 minutes to be completely Closed.


Wimbledon Roof consists of a Interactive Twitter Account @wimbledonroof.



This was Tweeted Last year by @wimbledonroof .


Approximately  28,000 kg of strawberries along with 7,000 litres of cream are consumed every year at the Wimbledon. Strawberries and cream are regarded as a favourite among fans coming from round the Globe. Apart from this 230,000 glasses of Pimm’s , 142,000 Portions of English Strawberries,  350,000 cups of Coffee and Tea and 100,000 Pints of Draught Beer & Lager are Consumed by the Spectators at the Wimbledon.ghnw20150617-141933-035source


The  Longest Match Ever Played at the Wimbledon was in 2010 between John Isner of USA and John Mahut of France for 11 Hours and 5 mins with the Scores 6-4, 3-6, 6-7(7), 7-6(3), 70-68.  John Isner won this Epic Match.



The Wimbledon Royal Box has 74 seats. Royal Box is being used for the entertainment of Guests and other Dignitories of Wimbledon since 1922.

Invitations for the Royal Box include People from the world of tennis,British Families and overseas Royal Families, as well as heads of government, prominent media organisations, also commercial partners, British armed forces. At the end of the day The Guests of the Royal Box are invited to the Clubhouse for lunch, tea and drinks. Protocol – Ladies are asked not to wear hats. Dress should be smart, suits/jacket and tie, etc.



Pete Sampras and Roger Federer holds the Record for Most Open Era Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Singles Titles of 7.


Martina Navratilova holds the Record for Most Open Era Wimbledon Ladies Singles Titles of 9. Overall Martina Navratilova won 20 Wimbledon Titles , 9 Singles + 7 Doubles + 4 Mixed Doubles.



Prize Money for Wimbledon 2015:

Event  Winner  Finalist  SemiFinalist  QuaterFinalist  Round  of 16  Round  of 32  Round  of 64
Singles     £1,880,000 =    Rs.18,78,49,877      £940,000 = Rs.9,39,24,938  £470,000 = Rs.4,69,62,469  £241,000 = Rs. 2,40,80,755  £127,000 = Rs.1,26,89,858  £77,000 = Rs. 76,93,851  £47,000 = Rs. 46,96,246
Doubles  £340,000 = Rs.3,39,72,850  £170,000 = Rs.1,69,86,425  £85,000 = Rs.84,93,212  £43,000 = Rs.42,96,566  £22,500 = Rs.22,48,203  £13,750 = Rs.13,73,902  £9,000 = Rs.8,99,281
Mixed Doubles  £100,000 = Rs.99,92,014  £50,000 = Rs.49,96,007  £25,000 = Rs.24,98,003  £12,000 = Rs.11,99,041  £6,000 = Rs.5,99,520  £3,000 = Rs.2,99,760  £1,500 = Rs.1,49,880

(Conversions are done by Google Converter and are as of 27/06/2015)

So the one who looses in the Round 64 goes Home with a whooping 46 Lakhs  in Singles.

Who do you think will win this Year’s Wimbledon??

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