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15-Yr Brave & Alert Girl Got Auto Driver Who Molested Her Imprisoned For 3Yrs & Fined Of Rs 10K


15-Yr Brave & Alert Girl Got Auto Driver Who Molested Her Imprisoned For 3Yrs & Fined Of Rs 10K

The crimes against women are taking place not just in India but in other countries of the world as well despite the fact that the governments are coming up with stricter laws for protecting the women. Putting all the responsibility on the government for providing security to the women is not a solution of the problem. The common public should also be ready to raise their voice whenever they see something wrong happening with someone and if they are victim, they should ensure that the culprit doesn’t walk away without getting punished.

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A minor girl has shown the way to many girls who get molested and harassed by the strangers while going to schools, colleges or when in malls, public places or crowded places but they choose to remain mum as they don’t want to create any scene due to the fear of society.

An auto-rickshaw driver whose name is Kapil Kumar Gupta has been sent to prison for 3 years as well as fined Rs. 10K by the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) court as he was found guilty of molesting two minor girls. The incident dates to July 2015 when two sisters boarded an auto-rickshaw at 6:45 am for going to their school.

The elder sister who was 15 yrs old at that time told the court that the driver touched her in an inappropriate manner and when she objected, he gave the excuse that it was done by mistake as he was adjusting the meter and the curtains. However, when he repeated the disgusting act with the younger one, the elder sister hit the driver with her umbrella. On reaching the school, the elder sister paid the fare and also noted down the number of the auto-rickshaw after which she informed her teacher about the incident.

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The father of the two girls supported them and a complaint was filed against the auto-driver. While giving its decision, the court also says that such incidents have adverse impact on the minds of the kids and instill fear in them, so these kinds of incidents should be dealt harshly and the culprits should be given severe punishment. The court also adds that the victims should also be compensated for the mental trauma that they underwent because of the degrading acts of the culprit.

We praise the girl for her fast thinking and courageous behaviour! Well done, more power to you!

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