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19 Amazing Facts About Indian Railways That Every Indian Should Know


19 Amazing Facts About Indian Railways That Every Indian Should Know

Indian Railways is one of the Largest Railway Networks in the World which consists of 1,15,000 km of Track and it covers about 65,436+ km along 7,172 Railway Stations across India. Founded in 16th April 1853 Indian Railways has a Glory of of 162 years. Head quaters of Indian Railways aare situated in New Delhi. Indian Railways in divided into 17 Railway Zones. Indian Railways also cover some Limited Areas of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Here Presenting you 19 Astonishing Facts about Indian Railways.

1. First Indian Train was Between Mumbai and Thane in the Year 1853


2. Bholu or Bholu the Guard Elephant is the Mascot of Indian Railways

It was Designed by National Institute of Design. Elephant is used as the Mascot. It was Unveiled on 16th April 2002.


3. Fairy Queen is the Oldest Working Indian Locomotive

Fairy Queen works with Steam Engine. It was build in 1855. It was Retired in 1909 and again Restored in 18th July 1997. It Travels with a Maximum Speed by 40 kmph.


4. Fastest Train

New Delhi to Bhopal Shatabdi Express is the Fastest Running Train in India. It runs at a Top Speed of 150 kmph on the Delhi – Agra Stretch and at an Average Speed of 91 kmph.


5. Slowest Train

Nilgiri Express is the Slowest Moving Train in India with an Average Speed of 10 kmph.


6. Longest and Shortest Route

Vivek Express from Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari travels a Distance of 4,273 km. It is the Longest running interms of total time and Distance travelled.


Train between Nagpur and Ajni situated just 3 km apart is the Shortest Route  It was meant for Crew primarily.


7. Most Irregular Train

Guwahati – Trivandrum Express is the least Punctual long run  Train in India. It delays with an Average of 10-12 Hours per day.


8. Train with Least and Most Halts

Trivandrum- Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express Travels a Stretch of 528 km between Vadodara and Kota without a Single Halt. This is the Longest Stretch run by a Train without a Halt or Longest Non Stop Run.

While the Howrah- Amritsar Express runs with the Most Number of Halts ie 115.

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9. One Location Two Stations

Belapur and Srirampur are two Different Stations of Ahmednagar District in Maharashtra which are in same Location. They are located opposite to each other of the Railway Track.

10. One Station – Two States

 Navapur Railway Station is built half in Maharashtra and the other half in Gujarat.


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