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3 Stories Between The Legend Sachin & Virat That Would Give Goosebumps To Every Cricket Fan


3 Stories Between The Legend Sachin & Virat That Would Give Goosebumps To Every Cricket Fan

We all love the GOD OF CRICKET for his greatest contributions to INDIAN CRICKET and so does everyone from the INDIAN CRICKET TEAM. They respect Sachin, they follow him and Learn from him. Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Virat, Dhoni every player sees Sachin as their Role Model even today, a source of their inspiration. Virat especially is always seen close to Sachin, be it any event. Today we are brining you an Inside story of what the relation between these players are Off-Field.
These three amazing incidents between Sachin & Virat will prove that Virat is the truest SACHIN FAN.

1) The first incident is from the day when Sachin in his 200th Test Match took his final walk on the field. It was the time when Virat Kohli walked up to Sachin and said “praaji aapne kaha tha aapko yaad dilane ke liye ki aapko pitch par jana hai” (You’ve asked me to remind you that you one day had to go to the pitch one last time). Virat then said “To be honest, I never forgot to remind you that, It was just that I wanted to put my moment a Little longer



2) Second instance is from the Dressing Room after Sachin’s Final Speech after his final game. Sachin Says “As I had my final moments as a player in the Dressing Room, Virat walked up to me again, with eyes full of tears. He handed me some threads and said that his dad had given him those to tie them around his wrist for good luck. Then he touched my feet.” Sachin added that he went speechless. He said “I held him tight and said him ” teri jagah yaha nahi dil mein hain”(Your place is not in my feet its in my heart)
Sachin later on added that It was a lovely gesture and he can never forget what Virat has done.



3) Third incident is from the moment in 2011 when India won the worldcup. Virat carried Sachin Tendulkar on his shoulders and took him around the ground celebrating the victory. When asked about this gesture, Virat said “Sachin Tendulkar carried the Burden of the nation for 21 years, now its time that we carry him on our Shoulders”



Sachin Tendulkar, Truly A LEGEND!!

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