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5 Reasons Why Nepal Could Be Your Next Holiday Destination


5 Reasons Why Nepal Could Be Your Next Holiday Destination

1. Mountains


Nepal is the home to 8 of the world’s highest peaks. Known to the world as “Mount Everest’(8848 M above sea level) is the tallest and the mightiest of all the mountains in the world. You can see the mountains as close as your room’s Window while you walk along a very busy city. Every year people from around the world drag themselves here to witness the majestic views that exist nowhere but here.  You can trek to the base of those mountains and in cases (if you have got enough guts) even climb one.


2. Culture and Art


Nepal is not a highly populated country, however, highly diverse in its cultural representation. Nepalese culture is full of music, art and architecture, religious values and literature. You will stumble across a temple, monastery or other buildings on the every corner of Nepal to realize they are building with ancient knowledge of architecture that mastered perfection. From the southern plains of the Terai to the world’s highest peaks in the North, Nepal is home to a wide variety of ethnic groups, all speaking their own language and different ways of life. You need to come down here and enjoy different cultures first hand.


3. Adventure


Land of Gorkhali, the most fierce and feared of all the armies are a home to most exciting and thrilling adventures. From jungle safaris to conquering Everest, this land offers you an opportunity to challenge your inner guts. Try Bungee jumping or rafting in the currents, experience flying with paragliders or ride on the world’s most extreme zip lines, discover your inner voice on the long trails to mountain base or cycle your way up to the most deserted lands: place beyond the mountains.



4. Birth place of Lord Buddha


He lit up light in the age of darkness; Buddha is the light of Asia. Nepal is the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam turned Gautam Buddha who taught us ways to end our suffering. Lord Buddha , he was born in 623 BC in the Lumbini , now the home to millions of pilgrims who come from all around the world. The history has been testified by the inscription on the pillar erected by the Emperor Ashoka in 249 BC. There are hundreds of monasteries built by many countries that represent their art and architecture and a pleasant view to witness. You will definitely feel the serenity once you step your feet on the ground where Buddha placed his first.



5. Food


Nepali people are foodies; they are an artist when it comes to food. Every tribe and culture has their own special delicacy. “MO:MO” (Not to be mistaken with regular dumpling, Chinese  baozi and jiaozi, Mongolian buuz, Japanese gyoza, Afghan mantu, and Korean mandu) is undoubtedly the unofficial national food of Nepal. It is often said that there are more mo:mo corners in Kathmandu than all the McDonald’s and Subways combined in the city of New York. Though the main course of food in almost every household is Rice, soup of lintels, curry and chutney (these are prepared in thousand different varieties) you wouldn’t want to miss the ‘Nepali Khana Set’ and traditional ‘Dhido’ .You would love to devour on ‘sekuwa’ , ‘Choyla ‘, ‘Yomari’, ‘Sel roti’ and whatever you see around being cooked that your taste buds will get addicted to the flavor. You can easily satisfy your desire for foreign cuisines since many restaurants guarantee the authentic taste.


Written By: Raghan Krishna Gautam

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