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5 Reasons To Buy Mahindra Furio

5 Reasons To Buy Mahindra Furio RVCJ Media


5 Reasons To Buy Mahindra Furio

India’s intermediate commercial vehicle (ICV) market is continually growing at a handsome rate. A lot of the credit for this growth goes to the new vehicles the industry has seen in the past few years. To latch on this opportunity and help the customers with improved quality, Mahindra Truck And Bus recently launched the new Furio range.

With its first launch in the ICV market, MTB is looking quite impressive and attracting potential buyers due to multiple benefits. Knowing how confusing it can be for someone looking to know the features of Furio series, we have simplified 5 reasons that make these vehicles a must-buy. Have a look:

Reasonable price

5 Reasons To Buy Mahindra Furio RVCJ Media

Price is the most important factor when it comes to attracting Indian customers. Knowing this, MTB has kept the selling price of these vehicles very much affordable. FURIO trucks are available all across India at a starting price of Rs 17.45 lakhs.

Safety & comfort

No one can deny the importance of safety and comfort when it comes to owning a vehicle. To ensure this, these trucks offer better comfort with modular sleeping berths for both the driver and co-driver and the 8-way air flow outlet keeps the cabin 5 degrees cooler. Also, these are designed to make 60% less noise and 40% less vibrations.

“More Profit or Truck back” promise

5 Reasons To Buy Mahindra Furio RVCJ Media

With Furio trucks, the company is offering “More Profit or Truck back” promise which can prove as a complete changer both for the brand and the customers. MTB is openly challenging the customers to buy these trucks and if they don’t see a growth in their profits, they can claim the company for getting the truck back.

Powerful engine

The engine is considered as a powerhouse of a vehicle and Furio trucks are powered by the super-efficient, lightweight, low friction MDI Tech engine offering FuelSmart technology.

World-class design

Not only power and price, Furio trucks are impressive for their looks and designs also. This is because these trucks are designed by Pininfarina considering needs according to Indian road conditions.

To sum up the features in simple words, we can say that the FURIO range from Mahindra Truck And Bus is setting new benchmarks in the ICV industry by providing world-class design, engineering excellence, safety and comfort at affordable prices.

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