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5 Scientific Technologies Which Will Make You Immortal In Future. This Is Very Exciting

5 Scientific Technologies Which Will Make You Immortal In Future. This Is Very Exciting RVCJ Media


5 Scientific Technologies Which Will Make You Immortal In Future. This Is Very Exciting

Death of a loved one is the most painful thing that ever happens to us. It’s a harsh reality.

Life on earth has been in existence for an infinite time.

Everyone who has taken birth has died and will die. There is no one here who has lasted forever but it still hurts like hell when someone close to us dies. And if the death is sudden, then it shocks big time.

Medical Science over the years has done a lot of hard work and research on finding cure to a lot of fatal diseases. All this work has resulted in saving a lot of lives and now researchers are focusing on bigger challenges.

Along with the focus on finding cure to more complex and deadly diseases, doctors are researching in finding ways to reverse the ageing and achieve immortality. They are even hopeful for positive results in the future.

Here we list down the ways by which scientists are expecting to achieve immortality in future.

1. Anti Ageing Genetic Engineering

With age our immunity system gets weak and we get more prone to diseases and then eventually die. Medical science is trying hard to create methods to reverse ageing and keep you young forever.

So far it has successfully created drugs to at least slow down the ageing process and this is how they achieve it.

A chemical named TGF-beta1 is responsible for restricting stem cells’ ability to repair the body. As people age, this chemical starts getting over produced and hence decreases the power of body to fight against diseases.

The scientists at UC Berkeley have discovered a drug called the Alk5 kinase inhibitor that controls the production of TGF-beta1 and hence helps you maintain the age and strength positively.

It has been successfully tested on mice and is currently in trials as an anticancer agent. If all goes well, this method will help humans to prevent deaths with diseases and eventually increase the lifespan miraculously.

2. Nanobot Medicines

It is estimated that by 2030, Humans will have nanobots instead of blood cells running in their body. These nanobots will work in replacement of blood cells but in a much better way. They will have much more capability to repair the issues in the body and will work faster.

It will help humans fight with some big medical challenges and give a breakthrough in increasing the overall lifespan.

3. Digital Immortality

Digital immortality is a fascinating theory and will help humans live forever digitally.

Scientists are working on a technology through which the data in a human brain can be downloaded and can be stored in a device. At some point in future, this data will be uploaded in the modern robots and the converted information can be used for future works.

Now even though the person has died but his brain is still alive in a machine and is experiencing world virtually. This is called Digital Immortality.

4. Immortality through Cryonics

There are scientists who are continuously working on a technology that could reverse the death and bring the dead human back in life in future.

The first step in this process is to conserve the dead human bodies in a special environment. Total 250 Americans have opted for this method so far with their consent. Their bodies have been kept preserved by covering in an aluminium foil at a freezing temperature of -250 degrees.

5. Organ Cloning

These days many people die because they don’t get a suitable organ when required. Scientists are working on cloning the human organs which have the highest possibility of adaptation when required.

The attempt is to clone organs which can be used suitably when required. And this organ cloning can be done again and again to increase the span as much as possible.

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