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9 Products That Are Useful Yet Unknown


9 Products That Are Useful Yet Unknown

The world moves fast. Everyday new products are invented to make human life easier. Such has been the pace of production and innovation that many products just miss our attention.

There are so many products out there that are waiting to be bought, that are waiting to be put to use but sometimes because of our ignorance or sometimes because of not so great marketing they miss our eyes.

So here is a list of very useful yet unknown products:

1) Universal Gift wrapping paper.

This is one very innovative product. Most of us don’t know about this but a very innovative mind has invented this wonder. The wrapping paper has all the letters written on it and you can join them to give a message.

Simplicity at its best.

2) Inside Out Umbrella.

Another very useful and innovative invention, inside out is a two way umbrella. It performs the basic operation of preventing you from rain or excessive sunlight but it also has the capability to be folded into the shape of a bucket in which you can carry your basic stuff.

3) Reusable Candle.


A very amazing invention that is a real money saver. The reusable candle helps one to reuse the candle. The basic principle involved behind is that the wax melts into the container in the form of a candle.

It can then be lightened to use again.

4) Ironing board mirror.

One more of those two way useful products. The ironing mirror board can be used multi functionally as it allows one to iron your clothes as well as to check them out with the same board as there is a mirror on the back side with a stand.

5) Cup Holder Umbrella.

Another innovative umbrella invention. This one allows you to hold a cup at the back end of your umbrella. The handle is molded in a way that allows you to keep your beloved coffee mug and also the freedom of an empty hand.

6) Lucid dream sleeping masks.

These eye masks allow your body to sleep peacefully. With the technology involved they send your mind into lucid dreaming mode which allows one to calm down and get a good night’s sleep.

This is a very useful and an unknown product.

7) Baby mop.

A very funny product yet a useful one. Baby mop is a product that you can put on your crawling baby and in the process you can get your house neat and clean.

A great idea being translated into a product.

8) The weight watch belt.

Another tummy tickling invention, weight watch belt gives you an indication of your growing tummy. It has numbers marked on it and the marker on which the buckle lies allows you to measure accordingly the change in your tummy structure.

9) Football Chair.

A fun and very simple product, football chairs have attached to them a net. When sitting in a pair of two you can have some fun around and kick the ball in the other person’s chair.

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