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Andhra Pradesh Govt Compulsorily Makes Colleges English Medium, Starts Debate On Twitter


Andhra Pradesh Govt Compulsorily Makes Colleges English Medium, Starts Debate On Twitter

There are not many jobs as of now as the country has already faced two waves of the coronavirus pandemic and the economy doesn’t seem to be in a good shape. However, things are slowly getting back to normal and hopefully jobs will also get generated in few months which will provide a sigh of relief to the unemployed people.

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When we talk about the jobs, it is a known fact that if a person has a good knowledge of English language and he is able to understand and speak English fluently, his chances of getting the job increases manifold. This is not only the case in India as a report released by the Cambridge University in 2016 has indicated that speaking in English is one of the top three main skills that the employers look in their prospect employees and it is something which has been noticed all over the world.

If that was not enough to make you believe this point, the India Skills reports of 2019 also keeps English speaking as one of the three top skills that the Indian employers look in the candidates. The other two skills which the Indian employers want to see in the candidates are quick ability of learning and adaptability.

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Now the Andhra Pradesh government has taken a step to increase the skills of students of their colleges as they have issued an order as per which all the undergraduate degree colleges whether government or private have to be made English medium and this order has to be implemented by the academic year of 2021-22.

This is certainly a big decision and will highly affect the education system of Andhra Pradesh as nearly 2.62 lakh students have taken admission in the colleges of AP and out of this, a huge number of 65K approx. students have taken admission in colleges which are Telugu medium.

Twitterati is divided on this decision; while some people have praised it as they feel that it will increase the chances of getting good jobs for the youngsters, a number of others have slammed the decision as they feel that it is an insult to the mother tongue.

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