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Angoori Aka Shubhangi Wore A Beautiful Bikini & Got Trolled. She Handled Trollers Like A Boss

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Angoori Aka Shubhangi Wore A Beautiful Bikini & Got Trolled. She Handled Trollers Like A Boss

Bollywood and TV celebrities getting trolled on social media is not a new thing and the latest target of trolls is none other than our favourite Angoori Bhabhi from the popular sitcom Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain.

If you have seen the show (which we believe you must have, at least a couple of episodes), you must be knowing that the character of Angoori is a typical desi one; she is always dressed in Indian outfits, utterly contradictory to her co-star Anita Bhabhi who is hot and glamorous in the real life as well as in the show.

It’s a general perception that people are used to of seeing a character in the same avatar as they are shown in TV shows but when they dressed differently, it becomes unacceptable on the part of some persons who express their displeasure on social media. The same happened with Shubhangi Atre who is playing the character of Angoori.

It so happened that Shubhangi had recently been to a Krabi beach in Thailand where she was certainly not supposed to wear a saree or salwar suit. She wore a beautiful bikini and looked absolutely stunning.

Check out photos:




However, netizens didn’t seem to be happy with her bold look and this is how they trolled her in comments:






Well, it appears that Shubhangi is not at all affected by trolls and here’s what she told Bombay Times in this regard,

“What do people expect me to wear on a beach? I obviously can’t be wearing a sari or salwar-kameez. I feel fit and I can pull off a swimsuit. I don’t regret posting the picture; in fact, it wasn’t a planned move. My husband clicked the photograph, and I liked it and posted it. Even on screen, I don’t mind wearing a bikini if a character demands it. If one has a good body, why should there be any qualms about flaunting it?”

She further added,

“Of course, it feels bad. I don’t think I looked cheap or vulgar. People expect me to be in the Angoori bhabhi costume all the time; often, they are shocked to see me in Western outfits. They need to understand that I am different from the character I play on screen. This is one of the reasons why women are scared of wearing what they want to. I don’t think women should be judged on the basis of their outfits, we need to change our mentality. Sharam and culture aankhon mein hote hain.”

We completely agree with Shubhangi and feel that it’s high time for trollers to understand that celebrities have their private lives too in which they have full right to wear whatever they want!


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