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As 117 Children Pass Away In Bihar, Modi Is More Disturbed By Dhawan’s Injury


As 117 Children Pass Away In Bihar, Modi Is More Disturbed By Dhawan’s Injury

Acute Encephalitis Syndrome has taken more than a hundred lives in Bihar by now and doctors are worried that numbers will increase. AES is a virus that causes brain inflammation and targets people with a weak immune system has already claimed the lives of 117 children. And the government is not taking any suitable action.

Children and their parents are seen sleeping on the floor, given rotten fruits and packaged food with worms in it. While our ministers chit chat about the live score and doze off while discussing such a sensitive topic. It sickens me to see our ministers acting as if this is not an important topic.

This is also the case with Modi. He might have won the election but has failed to take care of his children from Bihar. Modi has not said a single word about the Bihar’s condition. While he does have the time to sympathize with Dhawan over his broken thumb. This is what he wrote,” Dear @SDhawan25, no doubt the pitch will miss you but I hope you recover at the earliest so that you can once again be back on the field and contribute to more wins for the nation.”

What about the 117 children? Do they not hold any importance? Do the lives of these children mean nothing to anyone anymore? People were angry with Modi’s tweet and many who supported him were also displeased by this.

It is so painful to see the loss of the families and yet no one is taking a step towards mending the whole situation.

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