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Boys Protect Muslim Friend Wearing White Kurta From Holi Colours. Twitterati Is Loving It.


Boys Protect Muslim Friend Wearing White Kurta From Holi Colours. Twitterati Is Loving It.

Remember the advertisement for Surf Excel by Hindusthan Unilever? Where to mark the joyous occasion of Holi,they came up with an advertisement which shows that “daag achhe hai” in a whole new light, with a heart touching message of communal harmony and inclusivity.

In that ad, an apparently non Muslim girl guides her friend, a boy who is a Muslim as he attempts to reach his mosque, for prayer, dressed in pristine white, without getting smeared by the colors of Holi. However, this ad did not sit well with the right wing supporters who felt that it promoted love jihad and immediately #BoycottSurfExcel, started trending on Twitter.

Now, recently a picture is going viral where we got a true realistic portrayal of that very advertisement. In that picture a Muslim boy wearing white Kurta is surrounded by boys all smeared in Happy Holi colors making way for him to pass untouched. This has gone viral and is winning hearts all over.

The Muslim boy is identified as Muhammed Suhail, a second year undergraduate Botany student at CPA College of Arts and Science in Malappuram in Kerala. He was heading towards the mosque for prayer, when he saw many youngsters playing Holi. The group of boys saw Suhail and stopped playing Holi and in fact protected him from colors and made a clear way to pass.

A person with a camera clicked the picture, knowing it will go viral soon, for all the right reasons. A second year student of BBA, Mohammed Mahsooque clicked this, said he is proud and his whole group had that as their whatsapp status as well.







This incident reminds us that maybe we should at least try to see beyond the boundaries of religion, sometimes.

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