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Deepika In Tears On Receiving Gift From Shoaib. Watch The Video

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Deepika In Tears On Receiving Gift From Shoaib. Watch The Video

The recent sneak-peak on Voot tells a lot about the emotional side of the Big Boss-12 Deepika Kakar Ibrahim. It looked like some belongings were being sent into the house for a few members that are, Jasleen, Neha, Khan Sisters, Karanveer and Deepika Kakar, by their families.

While the other gharwaale were seen quite excited about all that they received, Deepika Kakar went really emotional as her husband sent her the snaps from their pre-wedding which left her in tears.

Watch the complete video of Deepika breaking out in tears here.
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Karanveer, Jasleen, Kriti, Roshmi, Neha, Urvashi, and Shivashish showed the best support as the good friends they really are and gave genuine positive compliments about her husband Shoaib Ibrahim which, obviously, made our sweetheart Deepika smile again.

Deepika cried on seeing her and her husband’s pictures of pre-wedding.

Later, Deepika was overwhelmed and thanked her husband as well as Big Boss for such a lovely present and she mentioned that now her strength has been regained and she is ready to face any further challenge in the game.
The scene ended on a very joyous and excited note with Deepika and Kriti dancing.

Well, dear Deepika, such words of enthusiasm are not new to us as we know you as of how strong as a human you are and you are truly our favorite contestant. We know it’s not easy to break you.

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