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From Being In Depression To First Crorepati Of KBC 9, Anamika Majumdar’s Story Is A Must Read

From Being In Depression To First Crorepati Of KBC 9, Anamika Majumdar's Story Is A Must Read RVCJ Media

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From Being In Depression To First Crorepati Of KBC 9, Anamika Majumdar’s Story Is A Must Read

KBC 9 has got its first Crorepati finally in Jamshedpur’s Anamika Majumdar. The 41-year-old lady played immensely well and knew the answer to the question worth Rs 7 crores also, but she decided to not take the chance and hence quit the game to ensure Rs 1 crore.

Talking about the same she told, Daily Bhaskar-

“Honestly, I was nervous throughout the game. Even if I knew the answer, I wasn’t much confident about it. So for me, it was like taking a risk on every question. Also, when I reached on 1 crore question, I was confident on my answer. But in spite of it, I took lot of time to answer. I did not wanted to take a risk at that time since lot of hopes were on me. If my answer would be wrong then from 1 crore, I would land it up to 3 lakhs. Thankfully, my answer was correct (smiles). However, I wasn’t confident on the last question and so; I decided to quit the show.”

To go back and know about her background and life, one feels really inspired. It was surely not an easy path for Anamika who wanted to go Mother Teresa way and become a social worker. In fact, she participated in KBC so that she can use that money for her NGO – Faith In India. Talking about it, she said-

“I always wanted to become like Mother Teresa; I never wanted to get married. But, my mother insisted me to marry and I couldn’t refuse to it. Post marriage, I couldn’t take up much of social work as I was tied up with lot of family responsibilities. However in 2010, I started working towards my dream of becoming a social worker. And now, there’s no looking back.”

She further added-

“Seven years back, I started working towards the upliftment of poor and underprivileged children through education, art and culture and awareness. A few years later, we built an NGO – Faith in India. However, we did not have enough funds to run the organisation. And so, my only motive behind KBC registration was to collect money as much as possible to invest in the social cause.”


Anamika Majumdar is married to Satya Priya Majumdar who works in a construction firm. They have two children Arnav Majumdar (14) and Prerna Majumdar (12).

The early days of marriage were not good for Anamika as there were a lot of problems in family regarding property which led her to depression. To find peace, she starting getting involved in social services again.

Husband and wife keep on having arguments on the topic of her work as he feels that Anamika doesn’t give proper time to their kids.

Wants PM to visit Jharkhand

Anamika wants PM Narendra Modi to visit Jharkand once to understand the needs of the poor people there especially women. In fact, she also wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi four months back. The lady is still waiting for the answer.

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