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Eat 3 Parathas In Just 50 Minutes And Have Everything For ‘FREE’ For The Rest Of Your Life


Eat 3 Parathas In Just 50 Minutes And Have Everything For ‘FREE’ For The Rest Of Your Life

Delicious food and my stomach has a long love story. No matter how much my parents and friends ask me to stay away from it, my love for it is never ending. Okay, so apart from letting you know about my foodorgasm, which I had to pay for. And if there is any chance to get something like that for FREE, I can to the extreme end for grabbing such offer.

paratha 3

If you go by Title and the offer stated above, it is indeed quite lucrative, just like our clickbait links ( Haters Come On). But if you really look deep into the matter, you will find something else. It is really not that easy to get it. Now before you chuckle and starts bragging about your ‘CAPACITY’ in terms of stuffing, let me give you an idea about how that simple Paratha looks like.

paratha big

Seems big, but if you are still considering this as one of those pictures where showpieces available on E-commerce websites seems bigger than what they actually are. Have an another relative look at the image.

paratha 2

And now, let me ask you again. Are you sure about this ? Gulping down 3 of them and that too in just 50 minutes ?

Let me enlighten you with some dimensional analysis of this ‘PARATHA’.

1. It is not just any paratha which your mom rolls back in your tiffin box along with those ass burning chilly pickles. It is a freaking 1KG Paratha. Your tiffin box might not even weigh this much. And in the worst case scenario, even your college bag won’t weigh this much. ( Don’t be that ridiculous ).

2. Remember how you puked out those last pieces of 12 inch pizza ? This Paratha has a size of around 18 inch. The diameter is 1 ft 6 inches, which is still bigger than an American 16 inch family size party pizza.

3. You have to eat 3 of them, so with the help of simple MATHEMATICS, multiply each of the numerical figures with 3 and expect yourself to eat a 3 KG Paratha which has a 54 inch size or in other words, a diameter of 4 ft 8 inches which is roughly the height of a 12-14 years old kid.

And after completing my first quarter of my first paratha, if I am able to anticipate your active participation in this crazy competition, then I would love to give you the address which is somewhere on the Delhi-Rohtak bypass road.

Name of this Dhaba is ‘ASLI PARATHA’.

So if you guys know such more food joints like this, please share it with us in the comment section below. And if you win, don’t forget to share your selfie with our page. I would personally like to cover a story on you.

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