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Ever Thought Who Is Behind The Amul Creative Cartoons? Know About Them


Ever Thought Who Is Behind The Amul Creative Cartoons? Know About Them

Product quality is no doubt the best thing to gain the trust of consumers but it’s marketing that grabs the attention. An effective marketing strategy is as important for sale as important the consumer trust is.

If we talk about brands who are acing the marketing these days, dairy brand Amul comes among the top names. There would be hardly anyone who must be unaware about the creative topical cartoons of Amul or the Amul Girl.

The creativity is so great that it’s hard to resist from praising it. Whenever there’s something new trending in news, Amul comes up with a creative and win the heart of consumers thus increasing the impact, reach and visual appeal of their brand by leaps and bounds.

But have you ever thought who is the creative brain behind these cartoons? Well, it’s surely not a task of one man but a group of 3.

Men behind Amul’s Creative Sketches

Rahul daCunha, creative head of ad-agency daCunha Communications, copywriter Manish Jhaveri and Jayant Rane are the three persons who have been doing this creative work religiously since last 25 years.

How do they work?

Rahul and Jhaveri have the responsibility of doing research work. They start the day by reading the morning papers and checking what’s going on. They search and find major controversies related to entertainment sector or scams, strikes everyday.

Mr. Rane, the illustrator, starts to sketch it in the form of tribute cartoon and Mr. Jhaveri looks for the Hindi words that relate to the topic.


Nothing has changed over the years except of the demand. Earlier they used to make very creatives and the number was 1 or 2 every two weeks. Now they have started producing 5 to 6 creatives every week.

What’s most fascinating fact about the team is that they exchange their thoughts through phone calls, messages or e-mail. They don’t share a common workplace or anything and hardly meet each other.

Who created Amul Girl?

Amul Girl is a result of Sylvester daCunha’s vision. Sylvester was the managing director of an agency named Advertising and Sales Promotion (ASP) that was hired by Amul to promote their products. He along with Eustace Fernandez, art director planned to create something that could grab the attention of Indian housewives. In order to do so, they designed a girl mascot which was easy to draw and remember.

Isn’t that amazing?

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