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Foreign Company Is Selling Monkey Caps At A Price Of Rs 2200, Desis Can’t Keep Calm


Foreign Company Is Selling Monkey Caps At A Price Of Rs 2200, Desis Can’t Keep Calm

The winter season is in full swing in India, especially in the northern parts of the country because of the heavy snowfall that has taken place in the hilly areas. We need to be extra cautious in such type of weather as little bit of carelessness may result in health issues and a person may suffer from cough, cold, fever and few other health problems as well.

While woolen clothes are a must in the winter season, we just can’t deny the fact that scarf, caps and monkey caps are of a great help when it comes to saving us from cold winds. Remember how our dada ji just couldn’t step outside the house without their favourite winter essential, i.e., monkey cap? If we talk about monkey cap, it is a multipurpose woolen item as it does the work of cap, scarf and also of the mask which is very necessary nowadays. Monkey cap is something which is worn by the people of all age groups in India and many Indian ladies have the talent of sewing monkey cap too.

However, many desi online users were left shocked when ShopValey came up with its winter set (mask, hat and scarf) which is quite similar to our monkey cap but the eye-popping fact is that it is being sold at a whopping price of Rs. 2228.

Here is the tweet which was made by the company:

On the other hand, monkey caps can be purchased at a very less price and soon Twitter was flooded with reactions from desis. Check out some selected ones:

There were some who also questioned its use in the times of COVID-19 and said that it is not safe to wear knitted mask. Here are few selected tweets:

What is your take in this regard? Will you buy it?

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