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When Gurmeet Ram Rahim Bashed Aamir Khan’s PK Without Even Watching It

When Gurmeet Ram Rahim Bashed Aamir Khan's PK Without Even Watching It RVCJ Media

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When Gurmeet Ram Rahim Bashed Aamir Khan’s PK Without Even Watching It

Apart from the all the criminal charges on him, Gurmeet Ram Rahim has also made news for the controversies and his motor mouth. As soon as he comes in front of media, he starts speaking without thinking.

While looking into his past videos, we came in front of a 2015 video. Gurmeet Ram Rahim was promoting his film MSG at that time and Aamir Khan’s PK was going through controversies.

A journalist asked Gurmeet Ram Rahim about his opinion on PK and how it will affect his film. The answer of Gurmeet + Ram + Rahim + Singh + Insan to this tricky question was rather embarrassing.

First, he told that he didn’t watch the movie and came to know about it through journalists only. Then he started talking negatively about the film.

He said, the film took a dig only on Lord Shiva and makers should’ve talked about other religions too.

Watch the video-

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You can also check the video directly here.

Dear Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, if you didn’t watch the movie how did you know that the makers took a dig on Lord Shiva? If you had seen the film, you would’ve known that the dig was not on Lord Shiva but on the humans who make an avtar like him. The point was to take a dig on the drama and business that’s being run in the name of religion and God.

And to answer your second question, he did took a dig on the human created myths in every religion and the reactions were similar to what we had seen in the film.

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