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Here’s The Significance Of The Numbers Present At The Bottom Of Plastic Bottles.!!


Here’s The Significance Of The Numbers Present At The Bottom Of Plastic Bottles.!!

Water bottles are used by almost everyone and the following symbol is seen by us so many times but we don’t know what is it meant for. I am talking about the numbers which are present inside the triangle at the bottom of plastic bottles. Have you ever wondered what is the importance or significance of these random numbers?


Generally, 1 to 7 numbers is used in order to differentiate the plastic material, to know whether it is safe to use or not and to know it’s reusing capability.

Here’s the significance of each number that is present at the bottom of plastic bottles:

1. If the number is ‘1’ inside the triangle it means that the plastic is made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Generally, these are used to make bottles for soft drinks, water, juice, sports drinks etc. It is safe for one-time use and  these bottles should never be heated. This kind of plastic degenerates itself over the time. It is not safe to use it after the expiry date so they come up with the message – Crush the bottle after use.


2. If the triangle has the number ‘2’ in it then the plastic is made of high-density Polyethylene (HDPE)

This plastic is commonly used for shampoo, detergent containers and grocery bags.


3. If the triangle has the number ‘3’ in it then the plastic is made of Polyvinyl Chloride.

This type of plastic contains carcinogens and are used for peanut butter jars, plastic toys, tablecloths etc.


4. The plastic bottles that have the number ‘4’ are made up of low-density Polyethylene (LDPE) and are reusable all the way.

This type of plastic is used to make shopping bags, newspapers, hot and cold beverage cups etc.


5. If the triangle has the number ‘5’ then it is made of Polypropylene (PP). It is the safest of all the plastics

Commonly used for ice-cream cups, drinking straws, delicious & takeaway food.


6. Plastic bottles with number ‘6’ are made of Polystyrene (PS) and are considered dangerous

Used for plastic spoons, bowls, plastic forks etc.


7. Plastics with number ‘7’ inside the triangle are deadly upon long usage and they are made up of Polycarbonate Bisphenol A (PBA)

They are hormone disruptors and continuous usage may lead to cancer and heart attacks. Tupperware products are made up of this plastic and can be harmful on long usage. So, it is better to change your tiffin boxes constantly.


8. Apart from the above 7, you might come across a wine glass & a fork symbol also. This symbol is an international sign for ‘party safe’ material.


Images Source : Google Images

So, next time when you consume something from a plastic bottle be sure that is safe to use. Pass on this valuable information with your friends and family.

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