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How Can Videos Help In Digital Marketing?

How Can Videos Help In Digital Marketing? RVCJ Media


How Can Videos Help In Digital Marketing?

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of debate over “Can video content marketing have any effect in SEO rankings?” The actual and direct answer to it is a big yes. But similar to everything in the world of digital marketing, you will have to put some energy and time into getting it correct especially if you want to reap the advantages.

Gaining SEO advantages from a video is not as easy as just embedding a few YouTube videos or Facebook videos after downloading from a downloader into the website and start expecting the results. Just like every other type of content, it needs a massive investment in high-quality video material and perseverance in sharing that material with the world.

Now without any delay, let’s move to the manners through which video marketing can actually boost your SEO. Moreover, at the end of each point, there would be SEO best practices mentioned which can help you to enhance your performance.

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1-Video proves your content’s worth to Google

Search engines like Google do not only take text under its consideration when it examines the relevance of your website to particular keywords. It also takes a look at what other types of media you offer to users.

A combination of image, video, and text undoubtedly helps to show Google that the material you provide is valuable and varied.
If we take a look on stats, Cisco states that 80% of all the online traffic will be constituted by video by the end of this year. So, if you post videos along with other content, you basically increase the chances of getting a higher rank by Google.

How Can Videos Help In Digital Marketing? RVCJ Media

Even if you are posting an edited video after downloading it from Instagram or, uploading a transcript along with it with be very useful. It would not only help users to understand the video in a better way but also enable Google to understand the relevancy of the video. Moreover, while planning the scripts for videos you post, inserting keywords with relevant synonyms is also very beneficial.

2- Video drives traffic to your page

If you are the one who uses other social platforms or any other third-party website like YouTube along with your page to post your web content, then you can use it as an opportunity to increase the traffic back to your page.

Approximately a billion hours of video is consumed on the popular site YouTube regularly. Once you post the video on it, providing the link to your website in the description below your video is a great way to expose your site to the new audience. This, as a result, will enhance your traffic acquisition and ultimately will give a healthy boost to your ranking.

How Can Videos Help In Digital Marketing? RVCJ Media

The best practice you can make of using a third-party site is to give extra value for visiting your page. It helps to drive the maximum traffic back to your site, provide the viewers with a compelling reason to click the link you provided under the video description like a special offer or a discount code.

3- Video marketing can enhance your conversion rate

If we directly jump on the statistics, the online shoppers are about two times more likely to buy a product after viewing the product videos than the ones who don’t. I think this is enough to figure out that video can drive better conversions.

Many products serve the same purpose these days, most of these product details come along with videos. This does not just fit for the e-commerce firms, but Google mentions that 50% of people visit the store for the purchase after watching the videos of the product.

How Can Videos Help In Digital Marketing? RVCJ Media

Moreover, by adding video marketing to your search engine optimization strategy, you can bring a greater number of users.
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To utilize this strategy to its utmost, you are recommended to make a short video. The stats shown by HubSpot informs that the videos which were less than 90 seconds gained the best retention rates. Hence, to get perfect results, you must avoid posting long videos and should make your services or product videos as short as possible.

From the information mentioned above, it is evident that video marketing plays a significant role in the pantheon of SEO techniques. You can either film your own video and then post it or just can use a tool like a video downloader, download the video, make some changes and share it.

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