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IISER’s Exam Had A Question On Jon Snow. This Is How People Reacted

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IISER’s Exam Had A Question On Jon Snow. This Is How People Reacted

American TV show, Game Of Thrones has touched a new level of popularity in India. It is so popular among the youth that they love to discuss it with online and offline friends all day long. While the people love everything about GOT, they just hate the spoilers.

The proof of Game of Thrones’ popularity is that The Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research went ahead to ask a question about the show’s character Jon Snow.

A Reddit user shared the question-

Part E: A question on experimental design:

John Snow wishes to make swords made up of dragon glass and valyrian steel to kill white walkers. He suspects that adding too much dragon glass to the swords, they might become brittle. Brittleness is also known to depend upon the 1) rate of heating to melt the glass, steel and 2) on rate of cooling the forged sword.

Since he knows nothing, help him optimize the amount of dragon glass in a sword by constructing a scientific experiment. What will be the independent variable, dependent variable, constants and control groups?

To the posting, Reddit users had some amazing reactions. Have a look-







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