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Internet Is Going Crazy For This Beautiful IPL Girl! Know Who Is She!

Internet Is Going Crazy For This Beautiful IPL Girl! Know Who Is She! RVCJ Media


Internet Is Going Crazy For This Beautiful IPL Girl! Know Who Is She!

Every woman we see must be seen with good perspective and here is Radha Kapoor who won million hearts during the IPL. We first saw her when the camera focused on her when she was in the VIP box. But now that IPL is over, she is still the trending topic and hey, she is truly more than just a pretty face. And, for everybody’s information she is a power pack woman and a one of the most influential lady around during the whole IPL Season. This cute smiling face have won many million hearts !

1. She is a girl worth many Billions, Yes you heard it right. Actually,she is the daughter of the Founder & CEO of YES Bank

radha kapoor

2. She has two younger sisters, Rakhee Kapoor & Roshini Kapoor.

3. She completed her studies with fine arts at the Parsons School of Design and then, returned India for her ‘Creative Entrepreneurship


4. She brought New York City’s famous Parsons School of Design to India, which had 40 students in 2013 and now produces 450 artists yearly.


5. Radha founded WPP School of Communication which is the Country’s first professional three-year undergraduate program based on a work-study model


6. She also held a partnership with Microsoft Ventures and successfully promoted innovation and technical start-up in design


7. The lady also works for Unprivileged women and provides Vocational training to them which helps them to create jewellery and accessory designs and also helps them market the accessories.


8. Radha also runs one of a kind “Uber for commercial real estate”, which is a working space to empower entrepreneurship


9. The lady supports Sports. (kabaddi and hockey) and owns the Delhi franchisee of Pro Kabaddi League and invests in Mumbai franchisee of the Indian Hockey League. She has now been seen in the IPL ceremony.


10. The Saddest Part : She is out of your reach and league. Better Luck Next Time 😛


Images Sources: Google Images, Quora, Twitter, Daily Mail UK
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