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Jadavpur Professor Says A Virgin Girl Is Like A Sealed Bottle, Gets Badly Slammed On Social Media


Jadavpur Professor Says A Virgin Girl Is Like A Sealed Bottle, Gets Badly Slammed On Social Media

Virginity of girls has always been a topic of discussion in the Indian society and some Indian men never shy away from demanding a virgin girl while getting married. However in the modern times, a welcome change has come in the mindset of Indian men and they have started to understand that women are much more about love, respect, values and companionship and virginity doesn’t hold importance for most of them.

But still there are several men who associate a girl’s virginity with her character and feel that a man has the right to get a virgin wife.

One such person is Kanak Chandra Sarkar who is a professor in the Jadavpur University, Department of IR and he is known for using social media to express his opinion on topics related to girl’s virginity. In his recent post, he talked about the “Virgin Brides” which he claimed to be a part of his teaching on “value oriented social counseling for educated youth”.

He compared a virgin girl with a sealed packet or sealed bottle and asked guys whether they will buy a bottle of cold drink or packet of biscuit that has a broken seal and if not, how they can marry a non-virgin girl. However, he later deleted his post.

Here’s what his post read:

“Virgin Bride – Why Not?

(Value Oriented Social counseling for Educated Youth)

Many boys remain fool. They are not aware of virgin girl as wife. Virgin girl is like Sealed Bottle or sealed packet. Are you willing to buy broken seal while purchasing a Bottle of Cold drinks or a packet of biscuit?

It is the same case with your wife. A girl is biologically sealed from birth until it is opened. A virgin girl means many things accompanied as values, culture, s*xual hygiene. To most boys virgin wife is like angel.”

He was slammed heavily by social media users including his students and colleagues; however, he didn’t apologise for his remarks and said that as per the law, he did not do anything wrong as he just used his right of freedom of expression.

Earlier also, he has made such s*xist posts and in one of his posts, he said that a girl should be proud if she is virgin before marriage. He went on to say that she should express it to her husband and she will definitely be honored by her partner.

This is how social media slammed Kanak Chandra Sarkar for his remark:








Many online users including professors of other universities have demanded an action against him and as per a Facebook post, he has been accused of s*xual harassment as well but nothing has been confirmed about it till now.

What do you have to say about the professor’s post? Let us know.

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