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Kim Kardashian Wears So Tight Dress That She Can’t Walk, Climb Stairs Or Sit In Car, Fans Go WTF


Kim Kardashian Wears So Tight Dress That She Can’t Walk, Climb Stairs Or Sit In Car, Fans Go WTF

Kim Kardashian, the famous social media celebrity, TV celeb and entrepreneur, is an inspiration for many because of her fashion sense and dressing style. She enjoys a huge fan following all across the globe and she is pretty regular when it comes to posting videos, images and updates about her personal and professional lives.

Recently, Kim Kardashian made headlines after a video went viral in which she is seen dressed in a tight silver outfit, though she is looking great yet the dress is so tight that she is having problem in walking, climbing stairs and even in sitting on the car. Kim was seen taking the support of handrail for jumping up on the stairs and all this happened when she attended the Milan Fashion Week.

Here is the video:

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While some people questioned as to why she was getting tortured, others felt that she did all this just to get more attention and publicity while few asked why she didn’t give extra money to her bodyguard to carry her. There were also several people who asked the purpose of such a dress in which she is not comfortable or can barely walk. Here are some selected reactions:

Kim’s sister Khloe Kardashian also attended the Milan Fashion Week and rumours of her dating actor Michele Morrone started doing rounds. However, later on a member of Michele Morrone’s team clarified that Dolce and Gabbana asked both (Michele and Khloe) to get clicked together and the moments that they shared were strictly cordial. The representative also made it clear that this was the first time they both met each other and they have no plans of meeting again.

What is your take on Kim Kardashian’s dress?

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