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KRK Says He Is Bankrupt And Needs Help, People Troll Him Instead


KRK Says He Is Bankrupt And Needs Help, People Troll Him Instead

KRK is one of the most controversial celebrities in Bollywood, and his Twitter account is a source of pure entertainment.

A few days ago, he posted a status where he said that he would be leaving for Dubai and would be able to come back to India after only 5 years. He got brutally trolled and people were glad that he’s leaving.

He is clearly an attention seeker who is ready to do anything for publicity. He is ready to go to any length in order to get attention from his followers. But rarely, he gets the responses and sympathy that he is seeking for.

He posted today that he was bankrupt and blamed his brothers for the same.

He also wrote in another post, “I started all my businesses but no business was in my name. So my 5 younger brothers snatched my all businesses and now I don’t have any business at all. But I will start again soon. God bless my black hearted brothers.”

But he got brutally trolled in return. Check out some of the responses he got:







People clearly don’t care about him. But KRK is thick skinned, and couldn’t care less. He later posted,

Oh come on, when you will you learn, KRK?

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