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Man Ordered Paneer Dishes From Zomato, Found Plastic Fibre Instead Of Paneer. Zomato Apologised


Man Ordered Paneer Dishes From Zomato, Found Plastic Fibre Instead Of Paneer. Zomato Apologised

It seems that problems from Zomato are far from ending soon! If you remember, customers of the company were not happy with it after a video went viral in which a Zomato delivery boy was seen eating food from order parcels and then sealing them back and then those parcels were supposed to be delivered to the customers. This incident took place in the month of December last year and now once again, an incident has happened that has shaken the trust of Zomato customers.

On Friday, a resident of Aurangabad used Zomato services for the purpose of ordering some paneer dishes from a restaurant but when he and his family started having the food delivered to them, his kids complained of paneer being too hard.

The name of the customer is Sachin Jamdhare and he told that his daughter found paneer so hard that her teeth got hurt and when he checked it, he found plastic fibre in it.

Sachin further said that he went to the restaurant from where the food was ordered but those guys were not in the mood to entertain him and they put all the blame on the Zomato delivery guy. This made Sachin furious as he is very concerned about the health of his kids; he lodged a complaint with police as he wanted people to know that these companies don’t mind playing with the lives of public and that too for a meager amount of Rs. 150 only.

On the other hand, Zomato has not only issued an apology but also released a statement in which it has told that the restaurant in question has been removed from the platform and the amount has been refunded to the customer.

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A police officer has confirmed that a formal complaint has been made in this regard by the customer and samples of food have been sent to the lab. Inquiry will be done in the matter after results will be received from the lab.

Zomato needs to be more cautious while roping any restaurant in its network otherwise such incidents will keep on happening. What do you have to say about the incident? Let us know your views.

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