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This Man’s Transformation Journey From Being Fat-Shamed To 6 Packs Is Awesome


This Man’s Transformation Journey From Being Fat-Shamed To 6 Packs Is Awesome

There are many of us who are quite sure of the fact that we need to lose weight and start our weight-loss regime as soon as possible for the same. But we keep on making excuses and telling us that we will start going to gym or for jogging/walk from tomorrow definitely. And as we all know, tomorrow never comes and the process gets repeated. We come up with new excuses and promises are made to ourselves but all in vain.

Hugh Gwon’s spectacular weight-loss journey:

However, Hugh Gwon, a 34-yr Korean man, defeated his excuses and made his weight-loss dream a reality. His Australian wife Nichola recorded his weight-loss journey and we have to admit that it is just extraordinary.

Hugh and Nichola are going to be parents in November but it is going to be through IVF which is a painful process. Seeing the pain his wife is going through, Hugh also decided to do something through which he can share the burden.

“My Korean Husband”:

Nichola maintains an Instagram account “My Korean Husband” and she has recorded the whole 6-months weight-loss journey of Hugh in a YouTube video in which Hugh also talks about his childhood when he was called pig for being chubby.

And it started:

Hugh also tells that at one point of time, he accepted that he will always be fat but then he realized that he has to remain healthy and for that, he left all his favorite dishes and drinks.

Goal of reducing 15kg in 6 months:

Yoojin Gwon is the trainer of Hugh and they both targeted to reduce his weight by 15kg by the end of 6 months.

Firm determination!

Exercising didn’t stop whether it was snowing or raining:

Cheat days:

He did have his cheat days when he used to eat all his favorite food items without any objections.

And changes were visible:

What an amazing transformation:

He looks to be altogether different man:

Happy & surprised wife!

It’s undoubtedly the result of many hours of workout:

Watch his epic transformation on Instagram:

Click here if you want to watch his weight loss journey on YouTube


I’m sure this man must have given you weight-loss goals! So when are you going to start?

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