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Morals Vs Money: Celebrities Reject Big Brand Endorsements

Morals Vs Money: Celebrities Reject Big Brand Endorsements RVCJ Media

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Morals Vs Money: Celebrities Reject Big Brand Endorsements

Celebrities are often seen endorsing big brands from ‘PAN MASALA’ to ‘AUDI’ series. These big endorsements also help them get a glowing sum for their face value. With awareness towards good morals have seen a steady rise in the industry many movie stars have started raising voice against the stereotypes of the society.

From #MeToo revolution that unmasked many big fat names of the industry to rejecting the endorsements for fairness cream stereotyping people by their skin colour.

Here we have listed some of our favourite celebrities and their ‘guts’ to stand for what is correct not just the fame:

1. AKSHAY KUMAR the most disciplined actor of Bollywood recently rejected a PAN MASALA advertisement. He is a teetotaller in real-life as well!

2. The Bollywood megastar Mr Amitabh Bachchan discontinued endorsing a soft drink brand because of a confrontation with an innocent school girl and her question. She had asked why does he promote something her teacher terms as ‘Poison’!

Big B was taken aback. He discontinued endorsing such brands and encouraged other celebrities to do the same.

3. As we know Bollywood’s Perfectionist Mr Aamir Khan is widely known for spreading social awareness. The Tare Zaamen Par actor only does advertisements which are related to any social cause.

4. South Indian actress Sai Pallavi was lauded by the everyone. The actress recently rejected a fairness brand deal of 2 Crore as it promoted fairness.

5. Ranbir Kapoor refuses to work with any fairness brands. As the Sanju actor believes these kinds of advertisements promote nothing apart from colour discriminations.

6. The RAW actor John Abraham is up for doing any kind of brand endorsements. Well, he is against alcohol or tobacco endorsements.

7. Bollywood’s Controversial queen Kangana Ranaut also rejected to endorse a renowned fairness cream brand and it would have fetched her a huge amount of money. Later after refusing to work with the brand Kangana said she has no regrets for not doing it.

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