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Pak Cafe Owners Mock Manager For Not Speaking Fluent English, Apologise After Online Slamming


Pak Cafe Owners Mock Manager For Not Speaking Fluent English, Apologise After Online Slamming

There is no denying the fact that hard work and determination are quite important when it comes to achieving success in job or business but in some cases, knowledge of a particular language also plays a significant role. However it is also true that nobody has the right to make fun of another person just because he doesn’t have the knowledge of a particular language.

A video is going viral on the Internet and social media which shows the owners of a Pakistani café making fun of their manager who has been working with them for the last nine years just because he is not able to speak fluently in English.

We are talking about the café which is known as Cannoli By Café Soul that is in Islamabad. The owners of this café are Uzma Chaudary and Dia Haider and in a video which was posted by them on the café’s Instagram handle, they are heard making fun of their café manager Owais who has been with them since the start of the café.

In the video, one of the owners is heard saying,

“So, this is our manager who has been with us for nine years. And this is the beautiful English he speaks. This is what we paid for… and a very good salary, mind you.”

The video has been deleted from the Instagram handle after people slammed them for making fun of Owais but it found its way to the micro-blogging site Twitter as a leading Pakistan daily posted it on its Twitter handle and people left no stone unturned in trolling the two owners for their pathetic behaviour.

First of all, watch the video:

Click here to watch this video directly on Twitter

Twitter users were also angry because the owners were not following the COVID-19 protocols while the manager was following the safety guidelines in a proper manner. Soon people started trending #BoycottCannoli and here are some of the selected reactions:
















The owners of the café did realize their mistake and issued an apology if they have offended anyone; however they also cited that it was a normal chit chat between them and their employees and there was no intention of hurting anyone.

Here is the post:

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