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Pak PM Imran Khan Slammed For Saying, “Women Wearing Few Clothes Affect Men Unless They Are Robots”


Pak PM Imran Khan Slammed For Saying, “Women Wearing Few Clothes Affect Men Unless They Are Robots”

The crimes against women are still a major concern all over the world but what is more shocking is that sometimes those people who are considered as the leaders of the society call women responsible for the crimes committed against them.

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Some of the serious crimes committed against women are rape, se*ual assault, molestation, etc. and every day many women all over the world become victim to them despite the fact that many countries have made stricter laws for such crimes. However, many times such crimes are not reported because women and their family fear of losing their respect in the society. The good thing is that there is a little change in the mentality of people and now they are coming out and reporting about it if something wrong has happened with them. But what is more hurtful is that there are times when  espectable people of the society who have important positions hold the dressing style of women responsible for them getting raped.

We have heard many politicians making weird statements in regard to crime against women and recently, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has said in an interview that it is common sense if women don’t dress properly, it will certainly affect the men until and unless they are robots.

The video clip in which Imran Khan made this statement was shared by a Twitter user Reema Omer:

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Soon the Pakistan PM was defended by Dr. Arslan Khalid, his spokesperson on digital media. He slammed Reema Omer and stated that the part in which the PM talked about the kind of society we live in and how frustrated society is in terms of s*xual pleasure has been subtracted in order to give one-sided picture:

However, Twitterati went berserk and slammed Imran Khan for making such a statement. Check out some of the selected reactions:










What is your opinion on the statement given by the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan? Do let us know.

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