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Problems You Face When Your Mobile Gets Broken


Problems You Face When Your Mobile Gets Broken

How you feel

giphy (2)*Sad and helpless but optimistic*

What you feel like doing

giphy (5)

*Enjoying life without technology*

How you think of spending your day

giphy (8)

*Utilizing the time*

What you end up doing

giphy (11)

*Sleep and rest all day*

What you see everywhere

giphy (15)

*People with better mobiles*

What you do later

giphy (12)
*Beg parents for a better mobile*

How parents react


*Paisa nahi hai. Ise hi theek Kara lo*

What is your reaction

giphy (14) *You become livid*

What you decide to do

giphy (1)

*Find a job and earn.*
*Buy a mobile with your own hard earned money*

What you ends up doing?

giphy (2)

*Sleeping, eating, thinking and weeping all day long*
What you decide to do later?

giphy (5)

*Wait till the time will come when your parents will sympathize you and surprise you with a new mobile*
When does that time come?

giphy (9) *Never*
What you do next?

*Repair your broken phone*
What happens later?
giphy (4)
*It stops working after a couple of days*
What you do next

giphy (3)

*Ultimately go to your parents and ask for a new mobile and after testing your patience, they do buy you a mobile.

What happens one year later?
*Your mobile gets broken*

And…You know what happens next.


How do you feel when your mobile gets broken? Do you think you go through all these problems mentioned above? Tell us how it was for you in the comment section.

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