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Puneesh & Bandagi Faked Their Affair For The Show, Jyoti Made Many Revelations After Her Eviction

Puneesh & Bandagi Faked Their Affair For The Show, Jyoti Made Many Revelations After Her Eviction RVCJ Media

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Puneesh & Bandagi Faked Their Affair For The Show, Jyoti Made Many Revelations After Her Eviction

Bigg Boss 11 is undeniably one of the most entertaining and loved seasons of the famous television reality show. Contestants have been adding spice and zing to the show which is becoming more and more controversial with each passing day.

It’s an open secret that the youngest housemate Jyoti Kumari had been eliminated in “Weekend Ka Vaar” and after her ouster, she opened up on her brief stay inside the Bigg Boss house as well as her elimination.

“I got eliminated as I am from a small town”:

She had an interaction with a website during which she disclosed several eye-popping details. Here’s what Jyoti who hails from Bihar’s Patna revealed,

“I have spent one month in the house and I am happy about it. I was in a way expecting my elimination as I am from a small town.”

I was stronger than few other contestants:

Jyoti is upset on her eviction because she is of the opinion that there were few other contestants who were weaker than her and she deserved to stay inside the house. In her words,

“I’m not feeling good at all. There were several contestants who were much weaker than me. Everybody in the house felt that Luv will be eliminated. I was definitely stronger than Luv, Benafsha, Mehjabi and Sabyasachi, then why was I evicted?”

Jyoti wants Vikas to win BB11:

As per Jyoti, housemates often thought that she disrespected them; however, this was just a misunderstanding and it took place as none of them properly talked to her ever. She told,

“Initially, I became a target because everyone thought I was ill-mannered. But soon everything got fine when I became friends with Vikas. He is the most genuine person and I want him to win the show.”

Sapna and Bandagi are playing mind games:

Jyoti also opened up on her scuffle with Sapna and said,

“Sapna and Bandagi are two persons who are playing mind games inside the house. They always pretend that they don’t know anything but they are very smart people.”

No affair between Puneesh and Bandagi:

Apart from all the above mentioned things, Jyoti made a big and shocking revelation with regard to Bandagi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma and as per her, they are faking their affair. It was Bandagi who told her that the news of the affair is false as she is 10 years younger to him. This all is done just for the controversial reality show.

Hina is extremely helping:

Hina Khan’s image is maligned ever since she entered the Bigg Boss house. Nevertheless, Jyoti had an absolutely different viewpoint towards Hina. According to her,

“Not at all. She is extremely helping and a very good human being. However, she also is playing the game but that’s fair enough otherwise she’ll also get evicted like me.”

When asked about the personal comment on Arshi made by Priyank, she said,

“I think it was wrong he shouldn’t have leaked someone’s personal information like that. Rest I don’t know much about it because I wasn’t present at the time when Sapna was saying all that to Arshi.”

The high voltage drama inside the house is on and it will be interesting to see what else comes from the contestants in the days to come.

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