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Ram Rahim’s Blind Fans Troll Rishi Kapoor, Say RK Studio Caught Fire Because He Insulted MSG

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Ram Rahim’s Blind Fans Troll Rishi Kapoor, Say RK Studio Caught Fire Because He Insulted MSG

A very sad incident happened yesterday as a major fire broke in the RK studio. The incident sent the shock wave in whole industry as it was one of the oldest Bollywood studios.

As per BMC, at least six fire engines and five water tankers were rushed to fight the blaze which badly upset one of the main shooting venues of the studio.

Fortunately, there was no loss of life but there was huge financial and property loss. Kapoors lost the iconic stage 1 of RK studio and some old costumes which was a big setback.

Rishi Kapoor who is quite active on Twitter shared the grief publicly. He tweeted-

Sad A major fire broke out at RK StudiosWe have lost the iconic Stage 1 Thankfully no casualties nor injuries. All your concerns appreciated

A Studio can be built again but the loss of the irreplaceable memorabilia and costumes of all RK Films,is tragic for all. Fire took it away

Many of his fans and followers felt sad for the big loss, however, it was a moment of celebration for some. Those sadist people were some of the followers of Gurmeet Ram Rahim. According to them, the incident happened because Rishi Kapoor insulted Gurmeet on Twitter when he was declared a rapist by CBI court. They said, It was a punishment of God for talking bad about a saint like Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

Here’s what Rishi Kapoor had tweeted back then-

Attach all Dera properties and sell them to compensate the national loss by arson and vandalism. Shame Gurmeet followers. No respect for you

Frauds.Blind faith in con people.Government must punish these fraudsters.Sukhwinder Kaur(Radhema)Gurmeet,Asaram,Nityananda.All Criminals!

And this is how Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s blind followers reacted this time. Have a look at their tweets-










Are they serious? I can’t believe they really think it happened because he took a dig on Gurmeet Ram Rahim who was declared a rapist on the basis of several proofs and witnesses.

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