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Remember Sarvjeet Singh? His Video “Main Ladka Hoon” Perfectly Narrates Indian Men’s Situation


Remember Sarvjeet Singh? His Video “Main Ladka Hoon” Perfectly Narrates Indian Men’s Situation

Many women get harassed or molested every day in the whole world which is quite unfortunate and distressing. The governments are making laws in order to protect women but it’s quite sad to know that there are some girls who are using these laws in a wrong manner against men.

We will take you back in the year 2015 when everybody was chiefly talking about the case of Jasleen Kaur and Sarvjeet Singh Bedi in which Jasleen accused Sarvjeet of molestation by passing lewd comments on 23rd August 2015 when she was walking down Tilak Nagar Street. She also made a long Facebook post in order to malign the image of Sarvjeet publicly and wrote that he not only passed disgusting comments but also warned her of dire consequences if she clicked his photo.

Soon, the torch-bearers of feminism were shouting at the top of their voices even without listening to Sarvjeet’s explanation in this matter. The media was hell-bound to prove him a pervert and a criminal who is very harmful to the society, especially women, and even the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal applauded Jasleen Kaur for her brave act which was no less than a drama.

Case was registered against Sarvjeet and he attended all the court hearings but from Jasleen’s side, her lawyer used to attend the court as she was in Canada due to academic commitments. Jasleen attended the court only after strict warning was issued for her by the court and then also she tried to play the victim card by saying that she had been threatened on social media for making Sarvjeet suffer.

Finally in 2019, Sarvjeet Singh Bedi was acquitted from all the charges but till then what all he went through can’t be reimbursed. He lost his job, he and his family lost the respect that they used to get in the society and not only the guy but his complete family suffered mental torture and that too for something which never happened.

The laws have been made for protecting people, not for harassing someone and there should be a provision to punish those who ruin other’s life by using the law wrongly.

Recently Sarvjeet posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he recited a poem “Main Ladka Hoon – Galat Nahi” which was written by his friend Himanshu who has an Instagram page titled as “Alfaazo Ka Ashiyaan”.

In this poem, he talked about his own plight and of many others who have been wrongly framed in false cases by those who know how to use the law for their benefit.

Here is the video:

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What do you think of the poem? Doesn’t it narrate the correct situation of many Indian men? Let us know your views about it.

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