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Richa Chadha Was Asked To Go Pakistan By Twitter Trollers. She Replied Them Like A Boss

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Richa Chadha Was Asked To Go Pakistan By Twitter Trollers. She Replied Them Like A Boss

Richa Chadha is one of those Bollywood actresses who are known for not taking any shit. She is extremely blunt and always speaks up against the wrong.

The recent gangrape case of an 8-year-old girl is being condemned by all the Bollywood stars. Richa Chadha also spoke about it in her own fearless way. She tweeted-

LET THE WORLD KNOW WE DEFEND OUR RAPISTS,we commit atrocities in places of worship and desecrate the Flag. Thank God international press isn’t for sale.Hopefully bad PR may get the administration to act?Also,a woman as a CM is such a poor joke @mehbooba.Aisi bhi kya alliance ?

Her tweet attracted so much hate. One of the Twitter users also accused her of making the matter political. He said-

Ur point And the fact is absolutely correct.

Even I do condemn these acts..
But this Allaince word Shows something ulterior…

Well do clear my thoughts..?

Richa Chadha who was extremely angry about the incident was in no mood to be silent. She replied in a strong way-

Let’s use this handle to display what a paid trolls looks like –
No real name

No real photo for a dp

Do what they accuse you of- (in this case politicising the matter/bias)

New handle, scanty followers.
At least this person admits that s/he is unemployed. #EpicFail

The comments didn’t stop. Another user commented in a same old boring way.

Tu khud hi paison ke liye naachati gaati hai. Doosaron ko kya morality sikha rahi hai. Chali ja Pakistan. We don’t need anti nationals like you here anyway.

Richa used just two words and gave him a fitting reply-

Another one came. He replied-

How do u know its a paid troll richa ji??? One doubt is also there to ask u…. How many times have u done paid trolls???

This time Richa gave a stunning reply and it was loved by everyone. Here’s what she said-

Zero times cuz I’m Rich’a and not for sale.🤣Also poor grammar/spelling is a giveaway.But u,ALREADY know that-Michael123456,with 2 followers,no DP? I heard it’s as low as ₹10 per tweet? Send me your account deets,I’ll reimburse u for the time u spend growing a spine #paidtroll

Here’s how people reacted to her tweet-






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