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Right Wing Supporters Demand Boycott Of Surf Excel After Holi Themed Ad. Is It Justified?


Right Wing Supporters Demand Boycott Of Surf Excel After Holi Themed Ad. Is It Justified?

To mark the joyous occasion of Holi, Surf Excel came up with an advertisement which shows that “daag achhe hai” in a whole new concept, with a heart touching message.

In the ad, an apparently non Muslim girl guides her friend, a boy who is Muslim as he attempts to reach his mosque dressed in pristine white, without getting smeared by Holi colours.

This ad is quite impactful, and shows how human relationships can go beyond the boundaries of religion and promotes a concept of inclusivity – an ideology which is clearly lost on a specific sect of the society.



Some right wing supporters are firmly against the advertisement for a number of reasons. For one, according to them, it promotes the concept of “love jihad.” Apparently, the straightforward friendship between a young boy and a girl is an alien concept and must be nipped in the bud.

Love Jihad is a concept which has been concocted by Hindutvas who believe that Muslim men court Hindu women in order to get them to convert. In fact, #BoycottSurfExcel has been trending on Twitter for the past few days.

Also, the very idea of a non-Muslim girl going out of her way to help her Muslim friend is clearly outrageous for these right wing extremists who fail to see the beauty of their relationship and the hidden emotions in the advertisement which have been expressed so beautifully.

And a lot of netizens feel the same. They came out in support of the advertisement:






In case you missed the ad, here goes:

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You can see the advertisement, and decide for yourself. What is your take on this? Share your opinions with us.

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