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Rishi Kapoor Once Again Abused A Woman Badly On DM! Angry Users Are Reporting Him On Twitter


Rishi Kapoor Once Again Abused A Woman Badly On DM! Angry Users Are Reporting Him On Twitter

Rishi Kapoor has once again become the target of trolls, as he sent a direct message to a female Twitter user in which he used abusive language.

We all know that the veteran actor has a ferocious attitude when it comes to tweeting. He has been appreciated whenever he has taken a right stance on any matter but sometimes he has crossed his limits too and this time again, he has done it.

Remember the last time when he abused a woman on Twitter? It happened like this:

This time it started when a Twitter user named Shivani Channan tagged Rishi Kapoor in a meme which featured not only Rishi but his wife Neetu and son Ranbir as well. The meme was in reference to the comments made by Rishi Kapoor on the topic of Rahul Gandhi’s dynasty talk.

She shared this meme with caption, “While public is still recovering from Besharam , drunky @chintskap goes MERIT MERIT. Nawaz ka badla le liya…yay hehe!”

This was more than enough for Rishi Kapoor to get angry and he sent this message to Shivani:

Shivani openly slammed Rishi Kapoor for his DM in a series of tweets:

Twitterati also started reacting over the matter! They not only condemned Rishi’s act but also reported his account on the micro-blogging site! Here are some of the selected tweets:

Lodge a complaint for harassment or abuse:

Report his account:

And users actually reported:

Why, why, why?

These kinds of celebs come on Twitter to abuse:

Rich and spoiled brat:

However, there were some users who had a different point of view too:

What gives you the right to troll and abuse him?

Why do you want them to tolerate your criticism if you can’t take theirs?

Tough time for Rishi Kapoor?

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