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RJ Naved’s Message On Rape Of 8 Month Old Baby Will Give Goosebumps. People Loved It


RJ Naved’s Message On Rape Of 8 Month Old Baby Will Give Goosebumps. People Loved It

We were shocked to read headlines about an 8 month old baby being raped by her cousin (28); the moment we read the news, we were sure that humanity doesn’t exist anymore!

How can someone rape an angel-like baby of 8 months, who can’t even speak? Her parents were shocked to see her bleed & immediately rushed her to the hospital, where doctors declared that she had been brutally raped.

This was one of the most horrific sex abuse case and Delhi wasn’t able to sleep that day!

Amidst this, RJ Naved has come up with a wonderful social message & it has touched our hearts. He’s our favorite RJ because his messages are crystal clear & are highly important for a cruel society.

In this social experiment, he calls up a gynecologist & requests her to get the baby (He feels it’s a girl) aborted. The doctor loses her cool and slams him for aborting a baby girl. She feels that just like majority of other people, even he prefers a boy over a girl. This is when RJ Naved comes up with a brilliant message.

He says that he wishes to abort his baby because he fears that she will be raped the moment she is born. Then, he also talks about how shamefully an 8 month old baby was raped. According to him, it is better to abort a girl child than to let her come to this world and face a brutal thing like rape.

RJ Naved also requests people to not fight over Hindu-Muslim issues but to unite and fight against this crime called “RAPE”. Here’s the full audio;

Click here to listen to it directly on Facebook.

What a heartwarming & meaningful message he has delivered! Even people started appreciating him for this social message.









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