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Sushma Swaraj Comes To The Rescue Of Parents Of Disabled Daughters! Here’s What She Did!


Sushma Swaraj Comes To The Rescue Of Parents Of Disabled Daughters! Here’s What She Did!

Time and again Sushma Swaraj has proved why she is one of the finest and ‘for the people’ kind of politician. Her quick response and actions on legitimate requests made by various Indians from all around the world have earned her huge respect among all of us. And this time too, she did something really wonderful.

An elderly couple, wife 70 years old and husband 74, for about 40 years have been looking after their daughters. Both of them are physically disabled. The younger daughter, R. Sarvani is 90% disabled while the other one R. Gayathridevi is 72% who when even tries to walk, falls down and needs constant assistance.

The parents also have sons who are settled in abroad and who would like to take care of their sisters. But for that, the sisters need to get their respective passports. But since none of the family members staying in India can afford to travel all the way up to 110 KM (nearest Passport Seva Kendra), it was then difficult for them to get the job done. The parents couldn’t travel due to their old age while their daughters couldn’t do the same because of their disability. Hence, the elderly couple submitted their petition on the website CHANGE.ORG where they requested everyone to sign the petition so that Sushma Swaraj can help them.

Soon after people started signing it, the online petition was brought to the notice of Sushma Swaraj and as usual, she did for what she is known for, i.e helping them out. This is what she tweeted where she addressed the petition.

As a result, the RPO contacted the couple at their residence and the Police from the concerned District did the rest of the formalities and finally, Sushma Swaraj came back with this tweet where she finally confirmed the happy news.

Well, personally speaking, petitions like these hardly get noticed when it comes to the real deal. But Sushma Swaraj is different. On getting the news of their successful petition, the couple said, ‘We are overjoyed that Sushma Swaraj Ji responded to our petition. We are deeply grateful to her for offering help in getting our daughters’ passports’.

Isn’t this great? Helping out people who are in need of help. The credit should also go to the thousands of people who signed the petition which helped it get noticed to the concerned authority. What are your views about it? Kindly share your opinion in the comment section below.

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