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Top 10 Amazing Psychology And Mind Tricks


Top 10 Amazing Psychology And Mind Tricks

Psychology is the study of how our brain functions, how it does what it does and why? Diving deep into mind and exploring its behavior is indeed a fascinating thing to do.

Various people around us have tried to do so and in turn have discovered and unraveled some amazing things about mind. They have discovered tricks/hacks to alter someone’s thinking by doing a few basic steps.

Let us have a look at some of these tricks/hacks which might help us to know someone better or to manipulate them:

1) Nodding Clue.

If you want someone to answer your question in affirmation, always nod while asking the question. The person’s mind will interpret the action and he/she will immediately say YES in reply.

2) How to make someone quiet?

While in a formal gathering, when you know someone is going to rage out on you, always sit next to that person.
If you sit next to them, then that will have to lower their voice plus there will be no direct face contact.

3) How to get over anger/frustration?

Start drawing simple lines with simple patterns, it really helps you to relax and think straight. Moreover, if you are in a bad mood, try to draw happy images; they help you boost your mood.

4) Want to know when someone is lying?

When they talk, watch their body language, after everything they say they will try and take approval from their eyes whether you have accepted their lie or not.

Plus they will use their body a lot less while lying.

5) Want a more satisfactory answer from someone?

You feel like someone is not telling you the full information?

Well, keep quiet and maintain eye contact with them, their mind will eventually force them to talk more and they will tell you everything they know about.

6) Your body posture tells a lot about you.

Always show confidence through your body posture. Sitting with legs open gives an indication that you are more open to having a conversation.

If you are not very confident always mirror someone else’s body action and you will be fine.

7) Use someone’s name more often.

While talking to someone, keep using their name in the conversations. This helps them feel important and valued.

They are bound to have more insightful conversations with you as they will feel you are really interested in them.

8) A good touch.

While talking to someone, you can give them a pat on their shoulders or shake their hand, this makes the person feel warm.

But one should be careful as to not make the touch, a wrong one.

9) Give them a list of choices.

When you want someone to agree for something, give them a list containing 3 options and drop the one to the bottom that you want them to pick.

They are most likely to pick the bottom one as is often discovered by various experiments and researches.

10) Be direct.

Sometimes, it’s good to be direct and ask straightforwardly for what you want. It takes the person in front, off his guard, and he is very likely to agree to your demands.

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