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Twitter Slams News Channel For Making Journo Report Amid Cyclone Tauktae & Risking Her Life


Twitter Slams News Channel For Making Journo Report Amid Cyclone Tauktae & Risking Her Life

The coastal states of India – Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Karnataka are facing the wrath of cyclone Tauktae and despite the efforts made by the government, some people have lost their lives due to this cyclone. The cyclonic storm has also done a great damage as houses have fallen, trees have been uprooted and it won’t be wrong to say that the visuals of destruction are quite heart-breaking.

The Indian meteorological department has also issued warnings for the citizens living in the coastal areas. While the most-affected areas were evacuated by the government, the citizens living in other areas were asked not to go out of their houses and remain indoors to stay safe.

The news channels are also trying their best to cover all the news related to the cyclone Tauktae so that they can let the people know about the severity of the situation. However at the same time, the news channels should also ensure that there is no risk to the lives of their journalists. But to utter surprise, a news channel NDTV did the opposite and sent their reporter, Purva Chitnis at the Gateway of India where the situation was quite risky.

NDTV posted a video on their official Twitter handle in which their reporter Purva Chitnis was trying to tell how bad the situation was and she was not able to handle her mic properly as it was getting blown away by the winds.

The caption of the video was, “#CycloneTauktae | Heavy rain, gusty winds lash Mumbai. NDTV’s Purva Chitnis reports from Gateway of India”

Here is the video:

Click to watch this video directly on Twitter

Twitterati was not impressed with this act of NDTV as they were risking the life of their journalist in order to gain TRPs and this is how angry people slammed the news channel:
















Stay indoors, stay safe!

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