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Unheard Relationship Advice for Married Couples


Unheard Relationship Advice for Married Couples

Married couples go through several ups and downs in their relationship. Whether it is work stress or the decision to have a baby, the reason can be anything under the sun. But at the end of the day, you need to make the relationship work.

The way you express your love has a lot to do with how healthy the relationship is. You have to know the person better to express your love in a way that will be acceptable to your partner. A mere profile description on an online dating site should not be a parameter to judge a person. Yes, websites like LoveSita can help find your partner, but the focus here is on understanding the person to ensure that you mold your way of loving him/her for what they are and how they are.

No married couple has had a smooth relationship without a fight or difference in ideas. But it’s the way you deal with those ideas that matter. Here is some unheard relationship advice that you may want to try if you are facing a tough time in marriage:

1)Forgive and forget

There will be endless fights after marriage, but they don’t have to be the cause for the breakup. Someone has to compromise, and it starts with you taking that step forward. Let your partner speak his/her mind. Once he/she calms down, behave normally. It is tough to control your instant impulse of shouting back when you are shouted at. But that’s the practice you need to get into. Forgive your partner and forget the bygones. There’s no use thinking of what happened and making the present worse than the past.

2) Talk about everything; even the stuff that hurts

Talking openly and honestly to your partner is key to finding the right chemistry. If you are bothered by some of your partner’s activities, don’t keep it to yourself. Say it so that your partner knows that their actions hurt you. This builds trust and intimacy.

3) Respect is more important than communication

The respect that you have for your partner is more important than the frequent calls and video chats. Couples who have gone through a divorce have often shared that their respect was taken for granted. That’s the reason why they broke up. The sheer feeling that you respect your partner irrespective of the situation that he/she is going through will build trust and respect from your partner also.

4) Have realistic relationship expectations

Married couples are dependent on each other. That dependence shouldn’t grow to become unrealistic expectations. If she overseesdoing the laundry, allow her to do when she is free. Don’t expect her to come back from work after a hectic day and start doing the laundry because it’s her responsibility. Similarly, if he is in charge of the dishes don’t expect to get it done immediately after dinner. Flexibility is essential and so are realistic expectations.

There will be hundreds of other relationship advice, but you need to figure the source of the problem to solve it. The above solutions have worked for many; try them and see if it works for you as well.

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