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US Restaurant Is Selling Plain Dosa For Rs 1400, Calls It ‘Naked Crepe’, Twitter Goes WTF


US Restaurant Is Selling Plain Dosa For Rs 1400, Calls It ‘Naked Crepe’, Twitter Goes WTF

The south Indian dishes are quite famous all over India and across the globe as well, especially Dosa, Idli Sambhar and Vada Sambhar. As many Indians work and live in foreign nations such as USA, UK, etc. so it is quite obvious that restaurants over there sell these dishes but a restaurant in USA is selling them with different and weird names and that too at exorbitant prices.

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Recently, a Twitter user @inika_ posted a screenshot of the online menu of the restaurant which is known as ‘Indian Crepe Co.’ and you will be surprised to know that they have named our Idli Sambhar as ‘Dunked Rice Cake Delight’, Sambhar Vada as ‘Dunked Doughnut Delight’ and Masala Dosa as ‘Smashed Potato Crepe’.

If this was not enough, the name of Sada Dosa (Plain Dosa) is ‘Naked Crepe’ and what’s more shocking is that they priced Idli Sambhar at $15.39 (Rs. 1,230 approx.), Sambhar Vada at $16.49 (Rs. 1,318 approx.), Masala Dosa at $18.69 (Rs. 1,494 approx.) and Sada Dosa at $17.59 (Rs. 1,406).

Soon another Twitter user shared the details of other south Indian dishes sold at this restaurant with their prices and it is really shocking, have a look:

Online users were really perplexed to see their favorite dishes being sold with different names and at whopping prices because even a family of four won’t need to spend as much money for eating south Indian dishes as a person has to spend on eating one plate of Idli Sambhar in that restaurant. Moreover, people are of the opinion that when dishes like pizza and sushi are known with their original names in other countries too, why there is partiality with the Indian dishes and they should also be sold with their original names. Here are some selected reactions:
















Will you visit this restaurant and have any dish from their menu ever? What do you have to say about the bizarre names? Unacceptable, isn’t it?

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