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Vikas Khanna Asks Fans How People Forget Native Language After 2 Years In US, Twitter Reacts


Vikas Khanna Asks Fans How People Forget Native Language After 2 Years In US, Twitter Reacts

Vikas Khanna is one of the most famous celebrity chefs and he has impressed people with not only his cooking skills but also his social service activities. He had been involved in many charity activities during the coronavirus lockdown and such things make him stand out from others. Moreover, he is among those few celebs who don’t mince words and speak their heart out.

Recently, Vikas Khanna took to the micro-blogging site Twitter to ask his followers as to how a person can forget to speak his native language just within 2 years of moving to US, especially when he went there at the age of 25.  He also talked about the fake accents that he hears all the time but he seemed to be used to of it.

Here is what Vikas Khanna’s tweet read,

“I completely understand made up accents, I am surrounded by them 24/7

BUT can someone help me with understanding this…?????

If someone moved to the US at the age of 25………HOW COME WITHIN 2 YEARS, THEY FORGET TO SPEAK THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGE!”

Twitterati was completely in agreement with him and some of them also gave examples of those who went for a seminar to US and returned with an American accent.

What Vikas Khanna talked about is quite common as visiting US or UK matters a lot for the Indians and they start considering themselves superior to others. While many online users shared their own experiences, several others said that inferiority complex is the reason behind such behaviour.

Here are some of the selected tweets:
















There is no denying the fact that a person starts talking in foreign accent as soon as he shifts to US or UK but it is also true that as they grow old, they hope of returning to their own country. Jokes apart, there are many people who bid good-bye to their well-settled life in abroad and come back to India in order to do something for the country.

Do you know someone who started speaking in fake accent after visiting USA for a short period?

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