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What Are Infinity Stones And How Do They Work?


What Are Infinity Stones And How Do They Work?

What are the Infinity stones?

Well in Guardians the Galaxy volume 1. We heard the Collector say,

Before creation itself, there were six singularities. Then the universe exploded into existence, and the remnants of these systems were forged into concentrated ingots. Infinity Stones. 

Taking that and applying it to the comic book explanation of the infinity gems, which is their comic accurate name. But before that they were soul gems and infinity gems, and now Infinity stones. Anyways with all that we’re able to understand that these are aspects of our universe expressed as these stones. And those elements of our universe are space, time, soul, mind, power and reality. Sure if you were to break down what makes up a universe in the real world this list would be a little bit different, but hey comic books! Actually the most recent Guardians the Galaxy comic describe our universe as a simulation and the stones as the source code of that simulation. And that explains if someone were to get their hands on the source code of the universe they could do some serious damage like if someone had their hands on the time stone they could possibly rewrite all of time in an instant or if they had the space stone they could just rip a hole the fabric of the universe and everything could just plunge into nothingness.

Who Can Use The Infinity Stones?

Being that these are the embodiment of these pieces of the universe, Infinity stones are extremely powerful when wielded by a living being which we’ve seen expressed in the films. Although not all living beings you got to have some extra power if you want to play with that kind of fire usually they can only be controlled by someone or something of immense power themselves, but not always the case like ow we see Dr. Strange utilizing the time stone when it is placed in the eye of Agamotto. Well when Loki uses the mind stone when it’s inside of his sceptre to control Hawkeye so the list goes on and on.

Power Of The Stones!

Now let’s talk about the fun stuff what each individual stone is capable of and maybe some abilities we haven’t seen just yet on the big screen.

Space Stone

First up let’s talk about the first stone we were introduced to this base stone which is currently inside the Tesseract (NOT ANYMORE BECAUSE SPOILERS!!!) So far we see them the stone used to create weapons for Hydra during world war II. These weapons seemed to vaporize anyone who came in contact with the projectiles, a little blast, but it wasn’t till the Red Skull grabbed the Tesseract with his bare hand did we see the real power of this stone! Space Stone live up to its name by literally ripping a hole in space for the evading Chitauri army to fly through and attack New York City in the Avengers film. But this is still just a fraction of its power when utilized correctly, the space stone can allow the user to be omnipresent or everywhere in the universe at once. When used in other ways, they could you know teleport anywhere in the universe, they can super speed objects or beings anywhere the user chooses or literally change the distance of two points by warping space.

Reality Stone

While it is normally yellow in the comics, it is red material in the films. It has been used as a weapon that was told to be able to revert the universe or reality back to a darker age pre-big bang by turning matter into dark matter. When used properly though it’s basically a wishing stone, it can make anything in reality possible or impossible you could will something into being even if it doesn’t obey the laws of physics hell you could throw out the laws of physics and make new ones and make a whole new universe.

Power Stone

In the comics, the power gem was depicted red, but Marvel used the purple color in the MCU. The Power Stone shown in the film has been depicted very accularately according to the comics. The stone can be used to provide super durability, enhance the strength of its user. Not only that, once can become omnipotent when the full power of the stone is tapped. But here’s the kicker when combined with the other Infinity stones, it can boost all of their power making it far scarier.

Mind Stone

The only stone to star in both Avengers films! Well usually it’s blue in the comics like it was in the first Avengers film. This yellow stone is both the cause of Ultron going crazy and murderous but also the power that brought the vision to life and gave him his powers. For all of its capabilities however we’ve seen it take control of the minds of Hawkeye, the doctor and others as well. It can also bestow knowledge and wisdom who Ultron envisioned, but when its power is fully unleashed this stone can connect with every single mind in existence at once. That could allow the user to take control of any brain they would like, but also access all of their thoughts, memories and more. They can even enhance certain psychics abilities as well.

Time Stone

This stone on our list made its debut in Doctor Strange, switching its color from orange to green. You get the idea that this one allows the user to manipulate time, maybe just the time of specific objects like here or maybe all of time maybe even creating a time loop in certain instances. But at full power this stone can allow the user full access to the past, present, future and everything in between and complete control over all time.

Soul Stone

As far as we know this one it can’t be a scary, right? It’s a little green gem in the comics, but it’s orange in the movies. Most likely except for again take control of all living and dead souls. It can corrupt them basically have control over all life in the universe. It might be the most terrifying one, but good news it can also act as a gateway to a little pocket dimension where Souls can live like a little heaven.

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