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Gucci Sells Floral Kaftans For Whopping Rs 2.5 Lakhs, Twitter Says “500 Me 2 Mil Jayenge”


Gucci Sells Floral Kaftans For Whopping Rs 2.5 Lakhs, Twitter Says “500 Me 2 Mil Jayenge”

The fashion industry has sprung many surprises in the recent past as it has come up with some really weird products and accessories. For example some time ago, a fashion brand released a necklace which looked like a phone cord while another launched a chair bag that had the capacity of storing literally nothing.

Earlier a fashion brand launched denim jeans and overalls with fake grass strains whereas another came up with trousers made of jute which is used for making bags for storing items such as potatoes, onions, etc. What made people a little upset with these products was their whopping price, especially in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic when many people are finding it difficult to earn their livelihood.

Now Gucci has released a new range of kaftans which are pretty expensive as they are priced in the range of $2,100 (Rs 1.5 lakh approx.) to $3,500 or £ 2,200 which comes to Rs 2.5 lakh approx.

Take a look:




The Indians were pretty aggravated after seeing such normal outfits being sold at such huge prices, many of them have such kaftans which they have bought for just Rs. 500 or less than that and soon they started slamming and making fun of the Italian brand and its kaftan.

Here are some of the selected reactions:
















In these tough times, the fashion brands are certainly giving something to the memers and creative people for making memes and have some fun but it feels sad to see how such brands try to make a fool of people by selling ordinary stuffs at such exorbitant prices.

What is your take on such fashion products? Do let us know.

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